UPB’s Free Bus Service
  • UPB Buses will be depart 30 minutes before a session, from Plaza Humboldt to Campus UPB, and 10 minutes after a session from Campus UPB to Plaza Humboldt. Staff will carry a BCDE sign for easy recognition.

  • You can do your registration and get your BCDE’s bracelet in the bus. Please let our staff know, she/he will do the registration. All cash payment must be done upon your arrival to Campus UPB.


  • If you were not able to reach an UPB bus in the given schedule, you can get to Campus UPB by taking public transportations called minibus; you will find them with an UPB sign at Plaza Humboldt. The cost is of Bs. 2,5 per person. Also, you may take a taxi from Plaza Humboldt to Campus UPB, the cost will range from Bs. 40 – 50.