The 14th Bolivian Conference on Economic Development will be held on November 9 and 10, 2023, at the campus of the Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo” in La Paz.


Welcome to La Paz, Bolivia!

Bolivia is in the heart of South America, and La Paz is the seat of government in Bolivia, although the capital city is Sucre. It’s the political and social center of the country, with the highest sustainable development level of the country. La Paz is the third most populated city, after Santa Cruz de la Sierra and El Alto (which is neighboring La Paz). With an average altitude of 3650 m.a.s.l., La Paz is considered the highest metropolis of the world; this altitude gives the city a subtropical climate, with rainy summers and dry winters. In December, we would be in summer, with an average temperature of 10 – 15 °C, sunny weather, and it rains at night.

The City of La Paz was founded by Captain Alonso de Mendoza in 1548, as a center of Spanish power during the European Colonization in the Andes. Later in 1809, Pedro Domingo Murillo led a group of rebels who rose up obtaining the release of La Paz from the Spanish Empire.

La Paz is the most visited city because of its colonial and republican architecture and is home to the highest cable car system in the world. Calle Jaén is one of the most notable streets, with 10 museums in the street and leading to other interesting touristic architecture. Near the city, you can find climbing mountains such as Cerro Illimani (highest peak of the Cordillera Real) and Huayna Potosí. The city is a 1-hour drive away from Lake Titicaca (beautiful cities such as Copacabana or Isla del Sol can be found there), Tiwanaku (ruins from the ancient culture Tiwanacota that disappeared without trace), Coroico, or Sorata (in Los Yungas region, has a tropical climate), among other.


El Alto airport is the main international airport near the city of La Paz. It is located 30 minutes from the historic center of La Paz. Transportation options include cabs, with an approximate price of 15-18 USD.


The national currency is Bolivianos, and the exchange rate (to October 2023) is of 6,91 BOB/USD.


The hotels closest to the Campus of the Universidad Católica Boliviana San Pablo, La Paz, with which we have a preferential rate are:

Northern District

Madero Hotel & Suites link

Souther District

  • Hotel Mitru Sur, Fuerza Naval Ave. Corner. 3rd St. Calacoto, +591 22790765 link

  • Camino Real Suites, Ballivian Ave. 369, +591 76765709 link

Additional Hotels

  • Ritz Apart Hotel, Plaza Isabel la Católica 2478, +591 2433131

  • Stannum Boutique Hotel & Spa, Arce Ave. 2631, +591 22148393

  • Casa Grande Hoteles, 16th St. between Julio Patiño Street and Sanchez Bustamante Street 8009, +591 62478000

  • MET Hotel, Fuerza Naval Ave. 1626, +591 77786600


In La Paz there are two suggested forms of transportation, PumaKatari buses and cable car (Teleferico), which have stops referenced according to the area.

For buses, the Achumani - San Pedro and San Pedro - Achumani lines are the relevant ones:

Norther Zone:

  • Start of the event: Initial stop, Plaza Avaroa Vuelta, Sánchez Lima Street, between Pedro Salazar and Belisario Salinas. Final stop, 2nd St. of Obrajes and Hernando Siles Avenue.

  • Return to the hotel: Initial stop, 2nd St. of Obrajes one way, Hernando Siles Ave. between 1st St. of Obrajes and 2nd St. of Obrajes. Final Stop, Plaza Isabel la Católica.

Souther Zone o Going to the Event: Initial Stop, 10th St. of Calacoto and Ballivian Ave. Final Stop, and 2nd St. of Obrajes Hernando Siles Ave. o Return to the hotel: Initial stop, 2nd St. of Obrajes and Ormachea Ave. Final Stop, 13th St. of Calacoto.

Cable Car

  • Souther Zone: From Irpavi Station (Green Line), Rafael Pabón Avenue to Curva de Holguín Station (Green Line). The return to the hotel is the same, but in the reverse order.

  • Northern Zone From Poeta Station (Celeste Line), Av. Arce and C. Campos, to Curva de Holguín Station (Celeste Line). The return to the hotel is the same, but in the reverse order.


We recommend downloading the Yango - Taxi Service application for a ride-sharing transportation service analogous to UBER.


The campus of the Universidad Católica Boliviana “San Pablo” is located on Avenida 14 de septiembre on the intersection with Calle 2 de obrajes. Campus is located 10 minutes from Suites Camino Real (by car)



Here is a list of landmarks across the city:

Historical City Center

  • Murillo Square
  • Jaén Street
  • Sagárnaga Street
  • Basilica menor de San Francisco
  • Mercado de las Brujas
  • Montículo
  • Hernando Siles Stadium
  • Killi Killi Viewpoint

South Macrodistrict

  • Moon Valley
  • Auquisamaña
  • Iglesia San Miguel Arcángel